Abrasion testing

Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester ABREX. Abrasion tester, simulates abrasion behavior of flat or shaped material surfaces due to hand use or hand contact.
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James Heal ElastAbrasion James Heal ElastAbrasion Elastabrasion. Rubber abrasion test, compliant with ASTM D8115 and PV 3984. About 80% saving in time and material costs, versus the ISO 4649 rotary drum test.
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Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader Portable tribometer, test instrument to determine the abrasive wear resistance of surfaces through micro-grinding.
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