Abrex, all materials & products

Material:all materials, all products
Application:test, surface, abrasion
Standard:IEC 60068-2-70, DIN 60068-2-70, EN 60068-2-70, GS 97034, GS 97045, DBL 7384, WSS-M2P188-A1,
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ABREX simulates the testing of wear, by hand or using hand contact, on coatings and printed products, in whatever form, structure or material (plastic, metal, leather, etc.). With the ABREX strength and contact angle, combined with standardized testing materials and fluids, as well as hand creams, lotions (artificial) sweat, detergents, etc., are imitated. The ABREX offers the possibility, for example, to simulate the complex viscoelastic method of hand use, including chemical reactions.

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Product group:Abrasion testing
Product:Abrex, all materials & products
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Abrex, all materials & products 

Abrex, all materials & products Abrex, all materials & products
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