Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester

Material:all materials, all products
Application:test, surface, abrasion
Standard:IEC 60068-2-70, DIN 60068-2-70, EN 60068-2-70, GS 97034, GS 97045, DBL 7384, WSS-M2P188-A1,
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ABREX ® simulates the testing of wear, by hand or using hand contact, on coatings and printed products, in whatever form, structure or material (plastic, metal, leather, etc.). With the ABREX ® strength and contact angle, combined with standardized testing materials and fluids, as well as hand creams, lotions (artificial) sweat, detergents, etc., are imitated. The ABREX ® offers the possibility, for example, to simulate the complex viscoelastic method of hand use, including chemical reactions.

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Product group:Abrasion testing
Product:Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester
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Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester 

Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester Innowep Abrex, abrasion tester
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