James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates)

Material:Coatings. laminates
Application:Micro scratch testing on laminates and coated surfaces
Standard:NEN EN 16094:2012, EN 438-2:2016, CEN/TS 16611:2016, IKEA
Brand:James Heal

The circular motion of the equipment provides multi directional scratching, offering results more representative of the actual end-use than other methods in the market which scratch the surface in a straight line only.

This test movement is also used for testing in accordance to EN 438-2:2016, CEN/TS 16611:2016 and IKEA

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Product group:Abrasion testing
Product:James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates)
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James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates) 

James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates) James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates) James Heal Martindale (Coatings & Laminates)
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