Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader

Material:paint, coating, surfaces
Application:micro-grinding, abrasion resistance
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TAPERADER® is a portable tribometer which generates real-time reproducible measurements of the abrasion resistance of surfaces using a process known as “Micro-Grinding”. This pocket-size Tribometer allows, in situ, direct and fast assessment of:

  • Material surfaces
  • coatings
  • paint systems
  • etc.

The TAPERADER, tribometer offers two measuring methods:

  1. Time mode: – During a preselected time measurement, 60 to 240 seconds, it produces an abrasion in the μm-scale, which is documented and displayed in a nm-scale.
  2. Depth mode: - The time, required to reach a preselected abrasion depth, is showed on the display. This innovative method is used in research and development as well as in quality assurance and process optimization.

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Product group:Abrasion testing
Product:Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader
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Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader 

Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader Innowep Micro-abrasion, coatings,Taperader
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