Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60

Material:all products, all materials
Application:Color evaluation, product evaluation, consistency, compliance
Standard:ISO 3664, EN ISO BS 105, EN ISO 12945 deel 1 - 2 - 3, BS 950 - deel 1 - 2, AATCC method 88B, AATCC method 88C, AATCC method 93, AATCC method 124, AATCC method 128, AATCC method 143, AATCC method 178, ASTM D1175
Daylight options:D65, D50, D950, D75
Model range:Verivide, CAC
Light options:840/P15, CWF, U35, 830, F, A, H, UV
Other models:CAC 120, CAC 150
Brochure:Download pdf

Standard lighting conditions are essential for optimal and consistent colour assessment of your products. The Verivide CAC 60 colour assessment cabinet provides an optimal environment for assessment of virtually all materials and products. The assessment includes color, metamerism and color fastness compliance. All light sources have a very high color rendering index "CRI".

This lightcabinet is also available with LED:

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Product group:Light cabinets, Verivide
Application:Light cabinets
Product:Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60
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Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60 

Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60 Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60 Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60 Verivide Light cabinet, CAC 60
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