Verivide Light cabinets, SBS

Material:graphic products, printing, negatives
Application:Colour assessment in graphic products, prints and negatives
Standard:BS 950 Deel 1, Deel 2 en ISO 3664
Daylight options:D50, D65
Model range:Verivide, SBS
Light options:840P15, or upon request
Model selection:SBS 90-1, SBS 120-1, SBS 120-2, SBS 150-1, SBS 150-2

A unique neutral grey concave viewing deck eliminates specular reflection, allowing accurate visual control of colour and quality. Proof sheets are held in place using magnets provided.

The SBS cabinets feature dual light source, for viewing transparencies and their reproductions, both incorporating a D50 light source. The cabinets can be used with VeriVide's Transparency Viewers, the VTV 1812 or the VTV 1824.

Some applications for viewing may require additional light sources, for example, a Point of Sale illuminant such as 840P15.

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Product group:Light cabinets, Verivide
Application:Light cabinets
Product:Verivide Light cabinets, SBS
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Verivide Light cabinets, SBS 

Verivide Light cabinets, SBS Verivide Light cabinets, SBS
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