Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60

Material:all products, all materials
Application:Color evaluation, product evaluation, consistency, compliance
Standard:ISO 3664, EN ISO BS 105, EN ISO 12945 deel 1 - 2 - 3, BS 950 - deel 1 - 2, AATCC method 88B, AATCC method 88C, AATCC method 93, AATCC method 124, AATCC method 128, AATCC method 143, AATCC method 178, ASTM D1175
Daylight options:D65, D50, D950, D75
Model range:Verivide, CAC-LED
Light options:LED, 840/P15, CWF, U35, 830, F, A, H, UV
Other models:CAC-LED 120

Standard lighting conditions are essential for optimal and consistent colour assessment of your products. The Verivide CAC-LED 60 colour assessment cabinet provides an optimal environment for assessment of virtually all materials and products. The assessment includes color, metamerism and color fastness compliance. All light sources have a very high color rendering index "CRI".

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Product group:Light cabinets, Verivide
Application:Light cabinets
Product:Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60
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Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60 

Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60 Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60 Verivide Light cabinet, CAC-LED 60
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