Layer Thickness Meter - Semdex 101 Nano

Material:film, coating, thin layer thickness measuremen
Application:Layer thickness measurement, nanometer range
Brand:Sentronics Metrology

SemDex 101 nano - Ultra thin Layer Thickness Measurement on Surfaces.
Control the consumption of coating material on your product, with the StraDex t10 sensor for ultra thin layer thickness measurement, combined with an x/y measurement table.

With an accurate determination of the coating thickness, you determine the optimum between product quality and consumption of coating material.


  • Thin coating > 0.3 µm (polymers) (adhesives, coatings, thin coats of paint)

  • Thin films < 15 µm


  • Straightforward manual loading

  • Automatic measurement with programmable measuring protocols

  • Compact table-top instrument with optimum footprint

  • Optionally available high-resolution HD CMOS camera

  • Calibration body integrated in chuck

  • User-friendly StratoSpect software

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Product group:Material Testing
Application:Air permeability
Product:Layer Thickness Meter - Semdex 101 Nano
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Layer Thickness Meter - Semdex 101 Nano 

Layer Thickness Meter - Semdex 101 Nano Layer Thickness Meter - Semdex 101 Nano
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