Delmhorst Restoration - moisture meter QuickNav

Material:Building materials, wood, drywall
Moisture percentage:6 - 60 % Wood scale
0.1 - 6 % Gypsum and dry wall
0 - 300 Reference scale for other builiding materials
Measuring principle:3-in-1:
- Conductive
- Scan
- RH/T
Brochure:Download pdf

QuickNav, Delmhorst’s easy to use 3-in-1 meter, offers pin mode, scan mode, and thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit. If you are looking for the versatility of a 3-in-1 meter and do not need to store and download reading, QuickNav is the answer!

QuickNav offers the same high performance as our industry leading NavigatorPro, in an easier to use format. The QuickNav will rapidly scan surfaces, find high moisture levels, accurately pinpoint the moisture content of the structure and  instantly calculate dewpoint, grains per pound (GPP) and vapor pressure.

Water damage companies, restoration specialists and home-owners know that a reliable restoration moisture meter is the only way to accurately monitor the drying cycle of the structure.


Benefit now and take advantage.

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Product group:Moisture meters
Product:Delmhorst Restoration - moisture meter QuickNav
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Delmhorst Restoration - moisture meter QuickNav 

Delmhorst Restoration - moisture meter QuickNav Delmhorst Restoration - moisture meter QuickNav
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