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Thermohygrometer, HT-3000 Thermohygrometer, HT-3000 Moisture problems? The HT-3000 helps to ensure the control on the quality and costs of your construction work.

Thermohygrometer, HT-4000 Thermohygrometer, HT-4000 Thermohygrometer for measuring Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Absolute Humidity, calculates in GPP or GPK.

Thermohygrometer, logger Thermohygrometer, logger A powerful and portable instrument with innovative sensor technology. With function for programming a customised calibration.

Thermohygrometer, logger, RH1 Thermohygrometer, logger, RH1 Thermohygrometers for quick and accurate determination of temperature, dew point, relative and absolute humidity.

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