thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement

Material:film, foils, non-woven, coating, textile
Application:measurement, layer, coating, thickness, profile
Brand:Sentronics Metrology

StraDex f for Measurement of Multiple Layer Thicknesses

StraDex f sensors can be used for highest-accuracy optical and hence non-tactile measurement of the thicknesses of several layers and coatings on various substrates. It is even possible to measure thicknesses down to 5 µm (in typical polymer layers). Depending upon the type of sensor used, repeatabilities lie at around 10/100 nm. The data are recorded in the form of a line or an area. Simultaneous acquisition of distance information relating to the surface permits measurement of the bow and the warp of the object.

Many clients also use the compact sensor for inline monitoring of desired parameters during production.

The flexible data standard allows the results of measurements to be evaluated both with the user-friendly StratoSpect system software and with third-party software.


  • Coating thickness> 5 µm

  • Bowing (Bow/Warp), flatness

  • Object thickness of polymer/ glass possible


  • Layers and coatings of a few µm up to 0.8 mm

  • StraDex f2 – 80: Minimum layer thickness 5 µm (polymer) or 2.5 µm (silicon)

  • StraDex f24 – 300: Maximum layer thickness* of 0.8 mm (polymer) or 0.35 mm (silicon)

  • Repeatabilities: 10/ 100 nm (depending upon model)

  • Max. acquisition rate: 4000 measuring points per second

  • Very compact construction

  • User-friendly software: TopoSpekt, TopoLine

  • Optional: Integratable into external traversing devices or automation units

* Thicker layers can be measured but significantly reduce the data acquisition rate

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Product group: Process Control
Application:Layer thickness & roughness
Product:thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement
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thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement 

thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement thickness-measurement, multi-layer-measurement
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