Elastocon Gehman Tester

Material:rubber, plastic, polymer
Application:gehman test, relative stiffness of vulcanized or thermplastic rubber
Standard:ISO 1432, ASTM D1053 methode A, ASTM D1053 methode B
Brochure:Download pdf

Gehman tester, computer controlled with 6 test stations.

The Gehman test is implemented according to ISO 1432, ASTM D1053 Method A, or similar technical standards .
The computer controls both the heating fluid as the measurement of the torsional angle of the samples. The results are graphed and the RM2, RM5, RM10, RM100 values ​​are calculated. The results can also be displayed in a table. Available option: storage vessel for using liquid nitrogen in the laboratory.

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Product group:Rubber, Polymers
Application:Low temperature testing
Product:Elastocon Gehman Tester
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Elastocon Gehman Tester 

Elastocon Gehman Tester Elastocon Gehman Tester Elastocon Gehman Tester
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