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Textest, Labair IV Textest, Labair IV Textest, LabAir. Fast and accurate measurement of air permeability in accordance with standards. Now also according to EN 14683 Appendix C.
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Textest, MinAir Textest, MinAir The Textest, MinAir. A compact Air Permeability Tester inspires by its small dimensions, its low weight and its attractive price.
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Textest, PortAir Textest, PortAir Unique, portable instrument for determination of the air permeability, or pressure drop. The instrument for measuring on the moving web
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Textest, FlexAir Textest, FlexAir Textest, FlexAir, portable tester for air permeability and pressure drop. Ideally suitable for measurements on used filter materials and in the production line
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Textest, Airbag tester Textest, Airbag tester Determination of the dynamic air permeability as well as the exponent of the air permeability curve of uncoated airbag fabrics.
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