Textest, MinAir

Material:textile, felt, nonwoven, foil, paper, foam
Application:Measurement of air permeability
Standard:ASTM D 737, DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1, textiel, comfort testen, luchtdoorlaatbaarheid
Brochure:Download pdf

Also for face masks testing according to EN 14683, appendix C. The calculation (pressure drop in Pa divided by 4.9) must be performed manually.

The Textest, MinAir, is suitable for measurements of the air permeability and the pressure drop when used in stationary but also in mobile applications. The Minair works in accordance with ASTM D 737, DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1 and many other national and international test standards.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Air permeability
Product:Textest, MinAir
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Textest, MinAir 

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