Mi-Tech Falling Dart Impact Tester

Material:film, PTE
Application:impact test, polyethylene
Standard:ISO 7765-1, ASTM D1709,
Brand:Matériau Ingénierie
Brochure:Download pdf

The Falling dart impact test is a traditional method for evaluating the impact strength or toughness of a plastic film.

This test uses a single dart configuration and a single drop height, while varying the weight of the dart. The energy is expressed in terms of weight (mass) of the dart falling from a specified height, which would result in 50% failure of specimens tested.

Test results can be used either as a quality control evaluation or for end use comparisons.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Impact & Tear Force
Product:Mi-Tech Falling Dart Impact Tester
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Mi-Tech Falling Dart Impact Tester 

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