Textest ElmenDorf tear tester

Material:foil, paper, textile, non woven,
Application:Tear resistance test
Standard:TAPPI T 414, DIN 53128, DIN 53862, ISO 1974, ISO 4674, ISO 6383-2/360A, EN ISO 13937-1, AFNOR G07-149, ASTM D 689, ASTM D 1424, ASTM D 1922, ASTM D 5734, BS 4468, INDA IST 100.1, MARKS & SPENCER P29, SCAN P 11, SNV 198482,
Brochure:Download pdf

Elmendorf tear tester. Tear resistance testing of film, paper, textiles and nonwovens according to the Elmendorf methode.

Micro-processor controlled, with digital display.

Select from the following sets of weights, 200, 400 and 800 cN, for example paper, foil, non-woven. 1,600, 3,200, 6,800 and 13,600 cN for eg textiles, non wovens. 30,000 cN, for eg geotextiles, fiber-reinforced materials.

Option: LAB DATA III software

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Impact & Tear Force
Product:Textest ElmenDorf tear tester
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Textest ElmenDorf tear tester 

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