Elastocon Cutting dies

Material:rubber, plastics, polymers
Application:sample preparation, compliance to standards
Standard:ISO 37-1, ISO 527-5, ASTM D 412-C, ISO 37-2, ISO 527-5A, ISO 37-4, ISO 527-5B, ISO 34-A, ASTM D 624-T, ISO 34-B, ASTM D 624-C, ISO 34-C, ASTM D 624-B, ISO 2285, ISO 2921-T50, ISO 2285-CL, ISO 527-1A, ISO 527-1B, ISO 527-1BA.
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A range of standard-compliant or custom dies. Available with a suitable coupling for our stamping machines, type EP 02 and EP 08, or your own punching machine of any other brand. The knives are made of hardened steel with a spring mechanism. This guarantees a perfect standard cut quality and efficient preparation of your test samples.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Sample Preparation
Product:Elastocon Cutting dies
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Elastocon Cutting dies 

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