Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester

Material:plastic, polymer, composite
Standard:ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D648, ASTM D1525
Brand:Matériau Ingénierie
Brochure:Download pdf

The HDT-Vicat Tester has been designed for simple and independent control of plastics, according to the referred standards.

The operation requires little training. The instrument allows the measurement of changes in stiffness of a material (polymer, composite ...) at elevated temperature levels.
Also the performance of different materials can be compared on criterion of mechanical strength in temperature.

This instrument is primarily a tool of control, performing HDT or Vicat tests, by simply changing some accessories.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Thermal caracteristics
Product:Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester
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Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester 

Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester Mi-Tech HDT Vicat Tester
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