Elastocon Hot set tester, cable sheat test

Material:rubber, plastic, polymer
Application:Cable sheat testing
Standard:IEC 60811-2-1, IEC 811, EN 60811-2-1, NEN 60811-2-1
Brochure:Download pdf

This Hot Set Tester offers standard conditions for performing hot set tests on cable sheat material according to IEC 811-2-1.

Temperature loss is limited by inserting the samples through a small opening in the top of the oven. The sample holder is located at a suitable working height and the servo motor driven screw system is moving the samples in and out the oven

The flow meter controlled air exchange rate and low air speed, meet the requirements for ageing ovens as specified in the standard IEC 811.

Measurements are done with a laser pointer mounted on a measuring scale located before the door window. The window can be taken apart for cleaning. By means of a push button, the elongation measurement values are registered and transferred to a template in Excel. The hot set value is measured outside the oven with a digital caliper and also transferred into the Excel template. The test report can then be made in Excel too.

The scope of supply of the Hot Set Tester includes, the computer and clamps and weights for 8 samples.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Thermal caracteristics
Product:Elastocon Hot set tester, cable sheat test
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Elastocon Hot set tester, cable sheat test 

Elastocon Hot set tester, cable sheat test Elastocon Hot set tester, cable sheat test
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Hot Set Test from Elastocon AB on Vimeo.

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