Textest CupMaster WVTR

Material:plastic films, membranes, underlays, vapor barriers, other materials
Application:Water vapor transmission measurement
Standard:ISO 2528, ISO 12572, EN 1931, BS 3424-34, DIN 53122, ASTM E 96, ASTM D 1653, GB 1037, GB / T 12.704, JIS L 1099-A, JIS Z 0208,
Test:Water vapor transmission rate
Brochure:Download pdf

Gravimetric method for measuring the water vapor transmission rate

....of plastic films, membranes, underlays, vapor barriers, and other materials.

Special Features:

  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Large capacity.
  • Remote control and monitoring by VNC (Virtual Network Computing).
  • Climate control independent of compressed air quality.
  • High-grade weighing module (Mettler-Toledo).
  • Easy calibration of the weighing module.
  • Exchange program for sensors
  • Negligible air consumption.
  • No PC required for operation.
  • Sample cups with quick-release clamping ring.
  • Exterior of measuring chamber heated – No condensation in case of power failure.

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Product group:Material testing
Application:Water vapour transmission
Product:Textest CupMaster WVTR
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Textest CupMaster WVTR 

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